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  • Nov 4,2019
Hand holding a phone with the Tires Plus mobile app Hand holding a phone with the Tires Plus mobile app

Update your device later. Do the dishes tomorrow. Fold the laundry next week... Putting things off can be a little too easy. After all, life gets busy! But putting off vehicle maintenance and necessary repairs can not only end up costing you more money, it can also be dangerous! Luckily, we’ve made it easy to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and make appointments. With the Tires Plus app, it’s like having a personal mechanic on speed dial. Check out everything you can do!

1. Find car repair and service deals.

Searching for coupons and waiting around for deals is a thing of the past. When you set up alerts on your Tires Plus app, we notify you when any coupons, offers, deals, or sales come up. Whether it’s a tire sale or oil change coupon, you'll always be the first to know.

2. Stay on top of your car’s maintenance schedule.

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance services can be difficult, especially with multiple vehicles. Between tire rotations and brake pad replacements, it can be easy to go a little too long between important services. The Tires Plus app makes routine maintenance easy by putting your vehicle’s manufacturer-approved maintenance schedule at your fingertips.

Add your vehicle to the app’s “garage” by selecting its year, make, and model. Then, enter your ride’s mileage and driving conditions to get customized maintenance recommendations, tire suggestions, and more. Plus, you can add multiple cars to your garage, making it easy to keep track of all the vehicles in your household.

3. Review your service history.

Your bags are packed for the ultimate family road trip. You've got snacks and a full tank of gas. How about your tires, though? When's the last time you had them rotated and inflated? Should we ask about the last time you had an oil change? Eliminate the guesswork with the Tires Plus app. Easily look back on your vehicle’s maintenance and repair history by exporting your Tires Plus service record and/or manually adding third-party services.

With an up-to-date service history in-hand, you’ll never pay for a service before you need it, or discover you needed preventative maintenance after it’s too late for prevention.

4. Find a store and schedule an appointment.

With your busy schedule, it’s hard to find a convenient time for regular maintenance services. But don’t worry! The Tires Plus app can help you find a store near you and schedule an appointment with the tap of your fingertip. Whether you want to get an oil change on your way home from work, or you need tire repairs during your weekend road trip, the Tires Plus app has your back.

5. Request roadside assistance.

Need a jump? Car won’t start? No problem. Tires Plus offers roadside assistance 24/7/365. Open your Tires Plus app, tap “Get Roadside Aid,” and follow the prompts. Our roadside assistance can help you on-the-spot with lock-out assistance, fluid delivery, tire changes, and more. And if we can’t fix your car troubles on the road, we’ll tow your vehicle to the nearest Tires Plus for a more in-depth inspection. No matter if you’re stranded on the highway or in your driveway, help is an app-click away!

6. Find the right tires.

When it’s time for new tires, there are a lot of great options out there. But finding the right fit for your make, model, and driving style isn’t always easy. When your car’s due for new tires, navigate to the app’s garage and select a vehicle. Then, choose a Tires Plus location near you to see available tire models.

The app will display tires that fit your car as well as info on how much they cost, what the main features/benefits are, and any applicable tire coupons! The Tires Plus app makes it easy to find the right set of tires for your car at the right price for your budget.

Upgrade Your Car Care Game

Don’t let your check engine light be your only reminder to get your car serviced! Get alerts from the Tires Plus app and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance. After all, researching tire options, finding oil change coupons, and keeping track of all your vehicles shouldn’t be difficult.

Download the Tires Plus app for your Apple or Android device today and start tracking your service history, saving money on tires and car care, and scheduling essential auto services without leaving the driver’s seat.

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