Blizzak Winter Tire Technology - NanoPro-Tech Polymers

Safer, Smoother Winter Rides

Have you ever tried to send a text, unlock a door, or get something out of your wallet outside on a freezing winter day? If so, you’ve probably struggled to do these tasks with your stiff, frozen fingers. Just like your fingers, the rubber in normal automobile tires stiffens up at low temperatures. As you might imagine, this makes tires lose flexibility, as well as their ability to grip the cold (and often snow-covered and icy) surfaces. During the winter months, however, flexibility and traction are crucial – they allow you to drive on snow-covered and icy roads without slipping and sliding, which makes for a safer, smoother ride. This is also exactly why Bridgestone uses NanoPro-Tech polymers in their winter tires. These polymers ensure the tire’s rubber doesn’t harden, which means the tires are able to bend and grip the road no matter how low the temperature drops.

Whether you’re trekking up to ski resorts or simply commuting to work, you deserve to feel safe and in control, no matter the weather conditions. When the snow arrives this winter, drive through the snowiest and iciest winter wonderlands with the peace of mind that comes from Blizzak winter tires.

Video Transcription

In order to increase wet grip performance, Bridgestone uses a silica filler in its rubber compound. With conventional rubber compounds, however, the silica disperses unevenly, resulting in the hardening of the rubber at lower temperatures. Bridgestone utilizes NanoPro-Tech polymers to prevent the stiffening of the rubber compound during these cold weather conditions. By incorporating NanoPro-Tech polymers in the compound the silica is distributed more effectively and improves flexibility in lower temperatures. Increased flexibility in the cold allows for greater gripping contact with the road.

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