Blizzak Winter Tire Technology - Multi-Cell Tubes

Winter Tires That Really Grip

When the engineers at Bridgestone created their Blizzak winter tires, they designed them for the iciest and snowiest conditions. From the materials to their tread pattern, these tires were painstakingly designed and constructed for maximum grip and control in the winter elements. After all, there is nothing more important than traction when you’re driving along slippery, icy surfaces. Just consider the tube multi cell technology with bite particles. The “tube multi cell” is the rubber compound used in Blizzak tires, and it contains spongy bubbles. When these bubbles come into contact with ice, they spread and diffuse the water on the surface. By clearing away the water, the “bite particles” on the tire can grip into the ice. This provides you, the driver, with better traction and control.

You may not care about the science behind the multi cell tubes, but you’ll certainly care about the control, safety, and peace of mind you get when driving on Blizzak tires. Whether you’re driving through a blizzard or commuting on icy roads, these tires will work hard for you. When it comes to winter tire technology, Bridgestone’s Blizzak tire goes above and beyond.

Video Transcription

For reliable performance during winter conditions, Bridgestone has developed tube multi cell technology with bite particles. Tube multi cell is a unique rubber compound containing microscopic bubbles that act like a sponge to help disperse water. The multi cell tubes help to remove the thin layer of water that’s present on the surface of the ice. As the water is dispersed, the bite particles come into contact with the surface of the ice, providing an enhanced gripping action. Tube multi cell compound with bite particles is included in the first 55 percent of usable tread, allowing for continued water dispersion and added grip as the tread wears. Better surface contact combined with increased gripping allows for better performance in wet or dry ice conditions.

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